I love fabric, love sewing. And the creative process feels as natural as breathing – the thinking, the figuring, solving the problem of manifesting the translucent picture in my head. Sometimes the vision makes it to the 3rd dimension, but more often the mental process is enough. Or is there just not enough time to do it all?

Joanell.com - Joanell Connolly putting up a fabric art exhibit.

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Joanell on RJR Fabrics

Virtual TART - Taranaki ART

10th International Collage Exhibition, Taranaki, New Zealand. This is Joanell's 2nd year to participate.

Quilting Arts Magazine

April/May 2008 issue will feature  "Through Thick & Thin," a how-to-create designer fabrics with thickened silk dyes.

Joanell's Quilt "on the air"

"on the air", featuring guitarist Jimmie Harris, is traveling with the Noble Elements: Air exhibit. 

Joanell's Quilt "Sees"

"Sees" is traveling with The Sky's the Limit exhibit and will be at the Long Beach IQA show in July.