I love fabric and sewing – just sitting at the sewing machine and creating. That is how and why these art quilts have materialized. The creative process carries over into photography, paper collage and working with tin.

I refer to this picture as “CAMERA WARS” as I battle it out with my sister and our cameras. I am wearing my most favorite chicken shirt. The image was discharged with bleach and I will be so sorry when it actually totally falls apart from the bleach.

Favorite Photo

During the "Made In California" show, in the window of the Brea City Gallery “the other down under” could be seen, surrounded by black and white and red block prints featuring birds. It was an awesome sight to exit the elevator and this was the image as you headed to the gallery door.

New Directions

Original paper collage interpreted into fabric. The quilt interpretation is not meant to be a duplicate copy but rather inspired by and lots of liberties can be taken. It is a place to begin.

Inspiration for collage – working on an old black photo album page

Taking that collage and reinterpreting into a 10 x 10” fabric quilt

Life happens in the space between

36" x 48" - This is a quilt that just evolved. Originally inspired by life: my intentions and someone else’s perceptions. The blue / male fabrics were purchased at the Goodwill Store near my home. The pink / female / mom fabrics were found at the Goodwill Marketplace in Santa Ana. I wanted the quilt to evoke people, relationships, home and hearth. On the quilt is an original poem, written years ago.

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